Calvin Harris on why he's not keen on playing festivals anymore

music news 12/02/2018

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Calvin Harris has explained why he doesn't like playing at festivals anymore, and doesn't need to.

In the interview on Beats 1 Radio, Lowe asked Calvin Harris the reason behind his change in sound, and his preference on festivals vs. smaller gigs:

"All that stuff got a little bit too impersonal. Standing up there and it’s the fireworks and all that stuff, but you’ve got no connection with anyone. And that’s why I actually love playing Vegas at the moment because I get to see people’s faces and get to see people enjoy their night. Those big festival shows which I wasn’t getting into personally other than a bit of money and money is, you know, the root of all evil.

I haven’t done any meaningful festivals for years. Almost did one but I didn’t announce it because that’s the sort of guy I am. And also because I really might want to go back.

Thanks to Calvin's Las Vegas residency (which he's raking in a hefty 385 mill a year), he's fairly financially stable and doesn't need to rely on festivals anyway.

Calvin Harris signs $385 million deal for Vegas residency, plays one night a week

Guess that means if you want to catch him live, you're gonna have to fly to Vegas...

If you wanna catch his latest track with PartyNextDoor that he premiered in the interview, listen here.