Chores new music video for 'Surrender' is an absolute work of art

music video 27/02/2018

One of our fave Kiwi duos, Chores, release their new music video for track 'Surrender'.

A through-and-through banger, featuring the powerful vocals of up-and-comer Abby Wolfe, ‘Surrender’ debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and peaked at #13 in the Viral Chart. Nice work, boys!

Now the team are following it up with a masterfully crafted video, made by acclaimed multi-disciplinary visual artist, Mardo El-Noor.

I wanted to present the band in a high energy (and) overly stylized manner. To me the lyrical hook of 'Surrender everything to you' conjures images of devotion and suffering, of biblical figures from Baroque and Renaissance paintings

Chores are now working with Mardo El-Noor on the visuals for their new live set-up to create a real a "performanced-based visual piece, but one that looked like a fashion or sports branded video."

In the last 12 months Chores have released a string of bangers, including ‘Away’‘By Your Side’ and their last single ‘Losing You’

Catch them at Homegrown on the 7th April!