Diplo speaks on his appropriation of the term EDM

music news 05/03/2018

Diplo was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 1 in light of his upcoming EP California, the name coming from where he's been based for the making of it, in his home in California.

The EP has already proved to have a series of A-list features, with the already released tracks 'Look Back' and 'Worry No More' featuring Lil Yachty, DRAM, and Santigold. The new installment will be different from Diplo's last projects with, more instrumentation involved. 

When asked about him swaying away from EDM music and dabbling in other genres for his new work, this is what Diplo had to say.

Me and Calvin [Harris] hijacked the term EDM when it was good for us. We might be in magazine articles [being called] the EDM guys, but we were never that. I've known [Calvin] for so many years and he was doing funk music, singing on records... We hijacked [the term EDM] at the moment and he refined it. He did it better than anyone else.

The term is definitely a lot more broad now that there are both pop and hip hop EDM crossovers within more mainstream music scenes. Both Diplo and Calvin Harris have been able to adapt it to their own sounds and further the reach of the EDM genre. 

In his interview, he was also asked about his collab project with Mark Ronson. Diplo explained that the record titled 'Silk CIty' will be huge and feature names like Goldlink and Desiigner. 

Keep an eye out next month for the release of California.