Getter says goodbye to EDM

music news 21/03/2018

Tanner Petulla, AKA our boy Getter has decided he wants to leave EDM behind.

Getter has definitely worked his way up the ranks of the dubstep hiarchy, cementing his place as a headline act for several festivals, and having a massive cult-like fan base to follow him through.

But any true fan knows that EDM was never Getter's main focus, he also dabbles in rap music under his other alias Terror Reid.

His latest project, EP Dahlia I, didn't impress a lot of die-hard Getter fans, who responded in the majority, pretty negatively.

I wouldn’t say I’m quitting EDM. I’m just kind of graduating. Like you’d never hear my EDM stuff in a movie or a commercial, unless it was a party scene or a race car driving scene. I’m trying to make music that could be in space movies, or a scene where Brad Pitt is making out with Angelina in the fucking rain, you know? Just some pretty shit

Getter wants the shift in genre to be just a part of his musical progression, rather than a complete change of heart.

It's not a completely new page for him, it's just the next paragraph.


If you haven't already, check out his new EP here: