Jess B's new EP 'Bloom', the full rundown

review 21/03/2018

The Queen of New Zealand’s Hip-Hop and Rap scene is back. After opening for Stormzy and performing at some of the biggest music festivals this year such as Rhythm and Vines and Auckland City Limits you’d think a girl would slow down. Nope.

JessB just dropped her first 7-track EP titled ‘Bloom’ and we are here for it. The project is reminiscent of early 2000’s rap with a badass attitude that has a whole lot to say, and it is going to be heard.

The EP is inspired by Jess coming into her own. The introduction ‘Wildflower’ reflects this. It is a recording of an empowered JessB spreading a message about pushing through tough conditions and being okay with being yourself. A reminder that is very welcome to those going through a rough patch.

The tone of ‘Bloom’ takes you into a space of high energy, and is sure to have your head bobbing to the beat. The project pays homage to her roots, acknowledges struggles of people of colour and honours her loved ones.

HENDON got the chance to talk to artist Phodiso who was featured on one of my favourite tracks, ‘Pushing The Space’. Best described as an anthem for PoC it inspires listeners to reclaim spaces that are theirs. The track itself is inspired by the FAFSWAG members. It lets listeners know that she’s here and here to stay.

Another favourite on this album was ‘Tit 4 Tat’, JessB comes in full throttle with this one. She’s got a vision and a goal and she isn’t going to be blindsided by any bullshit. The verses are loaded and strong. This track is one that is certain to get you revved up and have you chasing your goals and dreams just as hard.

Overall the entire EP is fresh, strong, hot and definitely worth a listen.

Tracks we love: Pushing The Space, Tit 4 Tat, Ride Out


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