An unreleased 12 track Avicii album has just dropped

music news 23/04/2018

American DJ, Starkillers, has released an unreleased album from 2009 that he worked on with late producer/DJ, Avicii, in the wake of his passing over the weekend.

This is the story behind the album, posted by Starkillers brother on social media: "In 2009 I got to spend quite a bit of time with Tim (Avicii). Him and my brother Nick (Starkillers) made a lot of music together, while they lived together in Las Vegas. Most of that of that music didn’t come out as contracts were written and that following summer the history that we all have come to know happened for Avicii. Here is some of the music that did make it. Not as close in the last few years. But he will be missed by my brother and myself very much."

There was rumoured beef between Starkillers and Avicii's management as track  'Bromance' was apparently partly stolen... However, in light of the sad news, it must be all water under the bridge.

At least we all have something to reminisce to :(