No one has clicked that Diplo could be 'Wes' in all the Kanye tweets

Kanye 01/05/2018

If you haven't been following Kanye West's recent tirade on social media (pretty hard to keep up), he's essentially been blurting everything that comes to his mind, no filter.

Luckily for us we've been let in on when new music is coming out, and who's been working with. In amongst a whole bunch of unnecessary info like who Kanye shares his "dragon energy" with, SPOILER ALERT: it's Donald Trump

One revelation we've found though, that no one seems to have clicked to, is that in one of the screenshotted phone conversations Kanye posted, he could actually be talking to Diplo.

And if you didn't know Diplo's real name...

See?! Wesley! DIPLO is WES!

Aside from this fact, there is another theory that the "Wes" charcacter could just be Wes Lang, and artist and close collaborator with Kanye West throughout the years. But that would be NO fun.

In other Diplo news related to Kanye, he commented this on one of Kanye's posts... to which someone out of the blue replied.

And now rumour has it, Diplo and Madonna, of all people, could be dropping something special together on May 8th...

Now there's a collaboration no one expected.