Example has bought a keen fan a new car just so he can listen to his new album

music news 19/06/2018

Singer, rapper & producer, Example, has just released a new album Bangers & Ballads, and a fan reached out to him saying he really wanted to listen to it, but his car had no AUX, and the album wouldn't be released on CD.

Fan: "Are you bringing this out on CD? Please say yes I need some new bangers from you while I'm driving."

Example: "Probably not. It's 2018"

Fan: "And my car is from 2001 and doesn't have an aux"

Example: "Well if this album does well I'll buy you a new car how about that?"


He's not even lying.

Fans were losing their shit, then requesting their OWN cars as if it was the same. Nice try, team.

One fan suggested there's probably a cheaper option than a car...