Shit's getting fishy, Childish Gambino has been accused of plagiarism for his track "This Is America"

music news 26/06/2018

One of the biggest songs of 2018 so far, Childish Gambino's 'This Is America', has recenttly got some baaaaaaad heat after users on Reddit have discovereed something.

A song uncovered from 2016 by New Jersey musician Jase Harley has been making waves after sounded VERY similar to 'This Is America'.

The song is called 'American Pharoah', give it a listen and compare:  

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... We hate to admit it, but it DOES sound pretty familiar.

As well as it SOUNDING similar, the themes in the song are not far from each other, both artitsts' talking about the "black experience" in America.

Neither Childish Gambino's representatives nor Jase Harley's have reached out to comment.