Tomorrowland just dropped their trailer for this year's festival and it's a total dreamboat

festival 12/06/2018

Tomorrowland has a well built repuation for being one of the most mystical and magical experiences when it comes to festivals that Europe has to offer. Every year they continue to outdo themselves and this year looks like it will be no exception.

Unlike other electronic/dance festivals like EDC and Ultra, Tomorrowland focuses on the experience, rather than the production of the entire festival.

This year's theme 'Planaxis', a play on the world of Atlantis, and it looks just as extraordinary as it sounds. 

Here's the passage narrated in this vid:

What if I told you
That the most ordinary things in life
can hold mysteries you would never believe.
Stories waiting to be discovered.
Take a closer look and be guided on a quest

that will show you a new perspective on life.
Somewhere in these endless surroundings

embraced by the most valuable gifts 
of Mother Nature
lies a place rarely visited by mankind.
Follow your coordinates in search of

fundamental beauty.
The Story of Planaxis