Deadmau5's new orchestral album just unexpectedly blew us away

new music 06/07/2018

If you haven't checked out deadmau5's 'where's the drop' yet, you need to get on to it ASAP. 

Since releasing 7 in 2014, a series of songs based on the Seven Deadly Sins, deadmau5 wanted to produce them on a full orchestral scale. 

Collaborating with music director and composer Gregory Reveret, the dream has finally become a reality. 

"I don't want to be that guy that f**king is gonna take electronic music and marry it with orchestral and make this hybrid piece of s**t. One does not complement the other. Orchestral music is super-advanced s**t, in terms of scoring and performance. To take all this stuff and then bury it in a mix, like way down low, throw a kick drum on it, godawful synths. It's called where's the drop? for a reason. There's hardly any electronic music involved in this. The focal point is more around the music that I've written. Not big beats." deadmau5 told the LA Weekly. 

Some punters were lucky enough to see the project live in LA back in April, where deadmau5 was accompanied by a full orchestra. Check out a clip of the show below:

And you can check out the whole album on Spotify now here: