New Knife Party EP on it's way this year says Rob Swire

music news 20/07/2018

The man behind both Knife Party and Pendulum, Rob Swire, took to reddit this week for a lil 'Ask Me Anything' sesh, and we were treated to some pretty sweet info.

The main take away was that we will be seeing a new Knife Party EP by the end of 2018, after the release of Pendulum's highly anticipated remix album earlier this year. Nice.

Rob also took the time to answer fans' production questions, as well as share some wild stories from on tour. 

Here are some highlights from the AMA:

To which Rob simply responded "Yes." WOOOOO!

When asked about any crazy tour stories:

When asked if he has any regrets over his years of making music, and whether he has any artists he recommends listening to, Rob responded: