Ryan Reynolds producing stoner version of 'Home Alone'

movies 27/07/2018

Why has noone ever thought of this before?

Ol' Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, has announced his involvement in a spinoff of the classic movie 'Home Alone' - you know the one where the little kid is accidentally left at home while his fam galvivants off on hols and he has to fight off some burgulars?

The spinoff, called 'Stoned Alone', will centre around "a twenty-something pot smoker misses the flight for his holiday ski trip and, instead of trying to catch the next flight or figure out something, decides to just stay home and get high. As paranoia sets in, he thinks he hears an intruder, but he doesn't initially realise that he's actually right. Stoned to the gills, he'll have to defend his home and himself..."

Sounds like a bit of us.

The casting or release date haven't been released yet, but we will be holding our collective breath for this one - a very deep breath...