SACHI's new music video for 'Hollywood Angel' will make you wanna fuck with everything 90's all over again

music video 02/07/2018

Our boys, SACHI, have just dropped the most epic new video for one their best tracks yet, 'Hollywood Angel'.

The boys teamed up with Australian artist E^ST for the track and have managed to absolutely nail the poppy wee tune, along with the 90's/00s vibe they wanted to portray visually.

The intro to the vid is like it's straight from an episode of 90210, with the nostalgic vibes continuing using a fish-eye lense much like a 90s Missy Elliot music video. The whole thing screams "TAKE ME BACK", frosted tips and all.

We took inspiration from a lot of the old Hip-Hop and R&B videos from the early noughties, guys like Hype Williams and the videos Bad Boy Entertainment were putting out around then.


Good on ya, boys. Check out the video now!