Skrillex's strange tweet has his fans thinking 'wtf?'

music news 06/07/2018

USA just celebrated their Independence Day, aka 4th of July, so safe to say a lot of the country was getting lit. 

It looks like Skrillex was among them judging by his interesting tweet that night. His Instagram story earlier in the day did show him partying it up with Post Malone so you know... probably pretty likely. 

Hmmm, what ya up to mate? Sounds like a trashed apology to a chick named Jaimee to us, who some people reckon is his current gf. 

Sounds like ol' Skrill might be in trouble... 

Others have said the bizarre tweet might be lyrics for a new song by his band From First to Last, but who knows.

Maybe we can get some info out of the dude when he comes to visit us in September for Listen In Festival. Check out all the deets here.