Well shit, Calvin Harris is now officially richer than Drake

music news 18/07/2018

Everyone knows that EDM is taking over the world, everyday falling more and more into mainstram outlets - and here's another bit of proof that producers are really out here doing it!!!

Producer, Calvin Harris, has officially surpassed big dogs such as Drake and Paul McCartney on the rich list, earning him the title of the highest paid DJ once again, and a top spot as one of the highest earning musicians for 2018 so far.

It helps that Harris recently had a 385 million dollar Las Vegas residency, along with one of 2018's biggest tunes, One Kiss with Dua Lipa.

It is said that Calvin Harris earns the average wage of one of us common people in a matter of hours. That is some seriously crazy shit.

With still another 5 months left in the year, it's possible Drake could overtake him, expecially with the recent release of album Scorpion, which is breaking countless amounts of records in the process.

Wonder who will come out on top at the end?