Dua Lipa shares all the deets on an upcoming collaboration with Mark Ronson and Diplo’s Silk CIty

music news 09/08/2018

Dua Lipa has had a pretty wrap within the EDM community as of recently due to her comments about Tomorrowland… But she could be warming up to us once again after she spilled to Rolling Stone all the details of her upcoming collaboration with Mark Ronson and Diplo’s super group Silk City.

The collab is set to appear on her second album, rumoured to be out very soon.

“We did a song together that I’m again really excited about. It’s something different, but it does lead into some of new music that I’m going to bring in my albums. It’s got some throwback elements to it; it’s dancey; it’s still a pop song. I just shot the video — I shot it the day before yesterday but I finished at seven a.m. yesterday morning. We shot all through the night. It wasn’t at the Louvre, unfortunately — it was in New Jersey.”

We cannot wait for this!!!!