Illenium opens up about his heroin addiction in post about new song

music news 03/08/2018

Producer and DJ Illenium has opened up about his struggles with opiate addiction this week via social media. He explained on his Instagram how six years ago he overdosed on heroin, after struggling with addiction from a young age. 

"I'm just sharing my story and relating because music saved my life too... My main goal with music is to try and help people overcome their stuggles and also enjoy the moment," he says.

He goes on to talk about his upcoming song 'Take Me Down', which focuses around his struggles with addiction, "and what it can do to families and loved ones".

Have a read of the full post below, hitting on some REALLY important issues:

If you or someone you care about has an alcohol or other drug problem, or you want to change your habits, there is help available.

It’s important to remember that you aren’t alone.

If you’d like confidential advice and support to get help for yourself or someone you know, contact Alcohol Drug Helpline: general freephone 0800 787 797 or text 868.