Carmada have broken up and we're not OK with it

music news 14/09/2018

Carmada, the masterminds behind tracks Ready For It and Maybe, have taken to their Facebook page to announce the duo are unfortunately going seperate ways.

The emotional post read:

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately, I'm writing to you with a heavy heart - as of today, I will be leaving Carmada indefinitely.

The timing couldn’t be worse, I know that, and I'm truly sorry to leave right before we had planned to head around the country together and see all your lovely faces.

However, for better or worse the two of us have grown apart creatively and personally over the last two years.

While we’re still friends, these differences have meant I need to remove myself from Carmada and the Club Carmada Tour and focus on some exciting things in the pipeline for LDRU - trust me, I wouldn’t be doing this now unless it meant good things for everyone involved.

Carmada has given us, without doubt, some of the best years our lives.

To be honest, Carmada blew up far bigger and faster than we ever expected - it’s signed us to some of our all-time favourite record labels, sent us on tours across the US playing festivals we’d never dreamt of and it even let us feel like real-life rockstars last Splendour. For these amazing opportunities, I salute each and every one of you. I can’t thank you guys enough for making this project possible, you really are the best fans ever.

From now on, Max will hold the reigns of Carmada. We both hope you’ll still come to sweat it out with him in the clubs over the coming weeks.

Much, MUCH love,
Drew x

(Full post below)

The silver lining of it all is that it sounds like it definitely won't be the last time we hear from these boys...