Kanye West has just teased a 'Watch The Throne 2' album...

music news 10/09/2018

One of the most iconic hip hop albums of all time is undoubtedly Kanye West and JAY-Z's Watch The Throne, hailing back from 2011. Hosting massive tracks like No Church in the Wild, Otis, and Ni**as In Paris, it was an epic masterpiece.

Well, if you loved that album, you could be in luck as over the weekend Kanye West posted a tweet teasing a follow up of this incredible album.

A potential album sequel is particularly interesting because the current status of Kanye and Jay's relationship is actually unknown. Kanye went on a massive rant in 2016 while on tour, about how neither JAY-Z or Beyonce taking his calls, which he then addressed on his album 4:44.