Netflix will be releasing a brand new music history docu-series called 'Remastered'

music news 28/09/2018

We don't know what we'd do without Netflix on those dusty weekend mornings. It's truly a godsend. 

Well now we can combine our love for tunes and Netflix with the new music doco series 'ReMastered' coming up. Set to be released on 12th October, the series will take a deeper look at music's myths and mysteries, giving alternative insights on high-profile events and investigations previously reported in the media. 

'ReMastered' will be released monthly, with 8 episodes total. Each epi will focus on a different musician and the stories surrounding them - artists include Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Robert Johnson, Jam Master Jay and more. 

Check out the preview of the show above, and get ready for some serious post-bender bingeing.