ODESZA share a cheeky new trap banger we definitely weren't expecting

new music 14/09/2018

ODESZA are known for their easy listening electronic tracks, but their latest tune ‘Loyal’ shakes things up and takes things in a heavier direction for the group. ‘Loyal’ premiered on Beats 1 Radio just this morning.

Hardcore fans have been waiting a while for the official recording of this track – ‘Loyal’ has made in appearances in their festival sets (normally reserved for closing, naturally) since 2015.    

The response to 'Loyal' at our live shows has been absolutely incredible over the years... This song has grown and changed with us and with the show, and we couldn’t be happier to finally be releasing the studio version of 'Loyal.'

This is the heaviest we’ve heard from ODESZA to date, so who knows what direction they’ll take things on their next project.

Check it out below & have a jam:

Written by George contributor Sophia Davies