Our homeboy Quix has just released a new track 'Giving Up'

new music 21/09/2018

New Zealand’s trap sweetheart Quix has released a new track today, called ‘Giving Up’ with Jaden Michaels on vocals.

The tracks another jam, just as you’d expect. The slow building track is very melodic, complimented with Michael’s strong vocals, something that’s appearing on more of his more recent tracks. The first drop is more festival style, before showing his true colours and goes in bass heavy on the second drop.  

We appreciate the album artwork of Quix mowing the lawn in the middle of the head – for those of you who don’t know, Quix had humble beginnings landscaping before his DJ/producer career took off.

Quix is killing it overseas at the moment, working on new music in LA before heading home for Listen In. He shared on his socials that he has lots more new music ready to go, so hold tight for a potential new project on the way.


Written by George contributor Sophia Davies.