Swedish House Mafia are finally coming through with brand new music

music news 23/10/2018

After tonnes of rumours and a bunch of speculation, it's finally been confirmed that Swedish House Mafia will be releasing brand new music very soon.

The boys have collectively all been cooking a lot of good tunes in the kitchen, but this'll be the first music they've released as a trio since 2012.

Last week a very vague countdown timer was set on their official website that had EVERYONE losing their shit. What would it be for? Well, now we know.

At the conclusion of the countdown, the official announcement of brand new music was made and they also revealed they would be performing a massive show in Stockholm early next year.

The press conference that dropped at the end of the countdown, which was mostly in Swedish, left a lot of people in the dark until translations were later surfaced online, but the wait was definitely worth it. 

We're yet to know any details in regards to song titles or anything like that... But boy, we're so keen.