Danny Byrd and Times x Two drop super fun new video for Money Calling Me

music video 27/11/2018

Danny Byrd and our boys Times x Two have just released their new video for summery tune Money Calling Me.

It's a track we've been thrashing on our airwaves, and we can't wait to get amongst the song live at Bay Dreams this New Years, with Danny Byrd and Times x Two lighting up the Bay Dreams lineup!

We got to catch up with the Times x Two boys on their concept for video and what it was like working with such a legend like Danny Byrd.

"The music video is basically a statement from us to all young people, telling them that life shouldn't be taken too seriously all the time. Yes you should work, yes you should get money, but don't sacrifice your happiness to do so. Live life on your own terms, you don’t have to fit the grid!"

"Working with Danny Byrd was an amazing experience. The word to best describe it would be "easy", and I think that comes from having genuine chemistry and a similar taste and understanding of music as a whole, regardless of genre. He was actually in the UK when we were recording our vocals for the track, so we set up a video-chat studio session with him. During that session he gave his input and opinion on how he wanted the vocals and the harmonies to sound, we sent a couple of different versions back and forth via email, and before we knew it we were finished. The whole process probably took around 40 minutes! Music is supposed to be easy and we are so happy with the result!"

This gets us so hyped for the silly season!