Hardwell’s emotional Instagram posts are making us suspicious for what’s next to come?

music news 07/11/2018

Hardwell’s Instagram is teasing us listeners to what could be an announcement of some sort... We’re thinking a documentary type thing of Hardwells life.

With the posts rapidly increasing, his followers gain more insight into Hardwell’s career so far. Such as being 14 years old and managing to play 12 different parties in his home country.

The posts captions each elude to the next photo posted…

“It is time…”

“To relive my journey…”

“Through my eyes…”

“The past 16 years of my life…”

“Let’s share some memories…”

“The story of Hardwell…”

...and they continue to show us a little insight into his impressive rise in the EDM scene.

From producing music in his bedroom to one of the world’s best DJs.

Have a geeze at his Instagram to get amongst the teasers and hype.

We really don't know what's in store but we're loving getting more and more of an insight. 

Written by George Contributor Molly Kirkbride