Our very own trap legend Quix arrives with sophomore EP, ‘Illusions’

review 12/11/2018

New Zealand’s Favourite international trap lord, QUIX, has arrived with his sophomore Illusions EP, released on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label.

It’s been over a year since the success of his debut Heaps Cool, and between now and then he’s not only managed to continuously tour the world, he’s also put out a bunch of sick collaborations with the likes of What So Not, Matroda, Ekali and more – and somewhere in the midst of all of this, he’s curated his new six track EP Illusions. Speaking on the musical progression from Heaps Cool to Illusions he shared:

“Things are kinda still the same, and some things have grown and taken a new shape. It’s been one year since I put out Heaps Cool and it was a large body of work that sort of propelled me into the industry… Illusions, is like a ‘grown up’ version of Heaps Cool, more of a mature sound… I feel there is something for everyone on here.

Quix gets experimental across the six tracks, going from one musical extreme to the other. He dabbles in r & b, dub, electro pop, and of course the wonky trap we love him for. Here we break down the brand spanking new Illusions, going through track by track so you have the low down.

1. Get Down

Kicking things of with a true QUIX banger, his matured production capabilities are on full display throughout this suspenseful opener. The only track without vocals on the EP, this one is a hard hitting trap tune that is sure to go down well live and get the crowd frothing.

2. Giving Up (feat. Jaden Michaels)

‘Giving Up’ has been on rotation for a while now, and was released in anticipation of the Illusions EP. We hear a softer side of QUIX on this one, pairing Michael’s sincere lyrics with his own sound - think future bass meets hard-hitting trap heater. This one showcases a slow and melodic build, strengthened by Jalen Michael’s vocals, which then flows into a festival appropriate drop, before going in harder and heavier on the second drop.

3. Earthquake (feat. Bok Nero)

QUIX quickly shifts gears on “Earthquake” and ups the ante. “Earthquake” is a colossal trap-dubstep hybrid that partners perfectly with Bok Nero’s dominant flow that keeps the energy up. We hear more grit as QUIX dips his toe into more dubstep territory – think dubbier, wubbier, and as hectic as you’d expect.

4. Ride or Die (feat. Reigan)

QUIX flips the tempo on this one, taking things down a notch. The next focus track for the EP, “Ride or Die” is a fun, easy listening track that’ll go down perfectly at that Summer festival & on that Summer playlist. An R&B influenced crossover number, Reigan’s strong vocals pair well with Quix’s toned down production. Have a listen and get ahead of the curve, because you’re sure to be hearing more of this one.

5. Hero (with Vincent feat. David Shane)

The first track released from the EP, this certified banger is one fans know and love by now. Even before the track name was known, the ID was dropped by a lot of big names in their sets – Ekali was playing it live for over a year! Talented US producer Vincent brings his own flair to the production table. The pairs contrasting styles strike the perfect balance - this one is sure to go down well with those head banging.

6. All I Have (feat. Aviella)

Things tie up on the heartfelt ‘All I Have’ with another female vocalist, Aviella. Her wavy vocals over QUIX’s archetypal-style production on “All I Have.” QUIX leaves us with a bit of everything on this one – vocals, a gritty drop, and also something a bit experimental. It’s embodies the key aspects of the EP, making it the perfect track to end Illusions - and perhaps even the end of a live set.

It’s been a big year for QUIX, and this polished EP is a testament to his ever growing production skills and growth as an artist. Currently making waves on his US tour, the Illusions EP has arrived just in time for our Summer and some of his big shows on the other side of the world. Here’s hoping he has time in his busy touring schedule to come back to New Zealand shores over ASAP for us Kiwi fans to hear these brand new tracks.

Check out the Illusions EP below:


Written by George Contributor Sophia Davies