ODESZA & Golden Features join forces on epic ‘Memories that Call You’ VIP

new music 03/12/2018

ODESZA have shared the deluxe version of their 2017 album A Moment Apart – a stand out from the new additions is the Golden Features & ODESZA VIP of ‘Memories That Call You’. The massive remix raised the attention of fans after the duo played it touring.

The ‘Memories That Call You’ VIP isn't exactly new - back in May 2017, ODESZA responded to an inquiring fan on Twitter who was asking about the remix, to which ODESZA replied 'Little VIP Remix we made with our brother Golden Features'. Fans will be stoked to have the official recording now (even if it took eighteen months).

It was well worth the wait though - the VIP flips the track on its head, adding in a truly Golden Features style drop. The switch from dreamy electronic pop to ominous deep house works surprisingly well.

Nine new tracks have been added on top of the original sixteen on the deluxe edition of A Moment Apart. There's something for everyone - the deluxe edition features massive VIP's, dreamy reprises, and a few instrumentals. ODESZA is known for doing VIP edits of their own originals, focussing on maintaining the beauty of each track, while adding in grittier, drum lead beats.

This isn't the first time ODESZA & Golden Features have worked together professionally - Golden Features recently did an eerily catchy remix of ODESZA's 'Falls' from their latest album A Moment Apart.

Have a listen to the ‘Memories That Call You’ VIP on the extended edition of A Moment Apart:

Written by George Contributor Sophia Davies