RL Grime has announced he's taking in submissions for his label

music news 07/02/2019

RL Grime has always showed his support to the underdog, helpin' out any producer he can, whether they're still workin on shit from their bedroom, or just trying to find their big break. 

Now, he's announced he's open to taking submission of demos for his label, and they can be from literally anyone (he don't discriminate).

On behalf of Sable Valley (the “Company”), and in association with RL Grime, we are pleased to offer you membership with Sable Valley, effectively immediately.

This was posted from the Sable Valley twitter account and the picture attached very much resembles some sort of contract. When sending in your demo for consideration, you'll be asked for your name, age, location, track link (Soundcloud preferred).

Apply here for your chance at this!