Flume's new bizarrely named song unleashes great meme material

funny shit 22/03/2019

With barely any warning, we were hit this week with a new full length Flume mixtape, much to our gratitude. 

One track in particular has caught the internet's attention though: ╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ▌§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ

Yes, that's the name, and No, we have no idea what it means.

Neither does the rest of the world though, which has made for some great memes. Here's a taste of some of the best: