Flume teases "more shows and more music" following his new mixtape

music news 22/03/2019

In case you missed it yesterday, Flume dropped a 42-minute long new mixtape yesterday, accompanied by a mixtape visualiser. 

The mixtape, titled 'Hi This is Flume' is available on both Spotify and Youtube, and is his first new release in almost two whole years!


You didn't think he'd just drop that amazing mix and leave it at that did you? 

After being announced in the huge Lollapalooza lineup, Flume posted the poster on his Instagram, but it was the caption that grabbed our attention: "excited to be back, more shows and more music to come..."

Thank you Flume, can't wait to hear what else he's got up his sleeve - some have rumoured it could be another whole album due out this year (which is why he called this one a mixtape, not an album). We'll just have to wait and see!