George FM's Tune Hoon: Dillon Francis and lovelytheband - Change Your Mind

music news 29/03/2019

The George Tune Hoon! George DJs and staff have a hoon on a brand new track and give thoughts - whether good, bad or DGAF.   

This week's track is Change Your Mind, a new release from Dillon Francis and lovelytheband.

Dan Aux, George Drive Host
"Dillon Francis teams up with LovelyTheBand for the alternative indie tropical dance anthem that we didn't know we needed until now. Listen mode set to repeat."  

Kara Rickard, George Breakfast Host
"Forget about the song, have you seen how sweet Dillon Francis looks as an 80s bride in the accompanying press photos?"

Shawn, Behind The Scenes George Music Guy
"Dillon Francis is Forest Gump's chocolate box. You never know what you're gonna get. This is quite the compliment in today's electronic music landscape, as the same cannot be said for many high-profile and predictable producers. 

Compared to his last mind-warping collab with Alison Wonderland which has left many wondering if their speakers were distorting, his return to chill electro-pop is the cup of tea and a lie down we needed.  lovelytheband are a welcome addition to the track, and you get the feeling they could work with any producer and get a result well worth chucking on the playlist. Hopefully they continue to get great talent in the studio, given their breakout success. 

As Summer ends in the Southern Hemisphere, is it too early to call this track - with it's reflective lyrics and it's at-ease atmosphere - the Autumn anthem of 2019?"  

Stu Tolan, George Breakfast Host
"I do love a good collab and I’m a huge fan of Dillon Francis so this was a great treat! It’s such a sweet record and not gonna lie it went straight to my pool party playlist. (Please note I don’t have a pool, MAN I need a pool to blast this playlist)."  

Dean, Station Manager
"‘I liked lovelytheband's 'Broken' last year, so was fizzed when I saw the subject line in an email from Dan Aux ‘Dillon Francis X lovelytheband’. DF seems to drop either bangers ('Get Low') or cute alt radio friendly electronica (‘Hello There’) and this one’s the latter. Big tunes on George tend to walk the fine line between catchy but not cheesy, and he miiiiight have nailed that, right down to the way that hook is screwed with a bit by pitching it down, making it not so obvious. It doesn’t BANG and it’s not going to destroy any d-floors anytime soon, but that’s not really it’s job." 

Sin, George FM Nights Host
Sin didn't think we should review this particular song for this feature - here's what she replied to the email with:

"It has to be something that’ll mess with them emotionally to get them to react on the text machine, the track either needs to be REALLY bad or REALLY amazing. I think this track sits in the OK category."