Here are the best April Fools' Day pranks from the dance music world

funny shit 02/04/2019

April Fools was a pretty eventful day in the world of dance music.

Here at George FM we tried to pull the wool over the eyes of our listeners by bringing back former host and current First Man of New Zealand Clarke Gayford to our Breakfast show.

Plenty of other outlets were on the April Fools' wagon, here are a few of our favourites.

Daft Punk remove 'Around The World' from back catalogue after becoming flat earthers

DJ Mag ran this absolute beauty on their site yesterday, claiming that French electronic duo Daft Punk had disassociated themselves with smash hit Around The World because they are now flat earthers.

The article is littered with references to other Daft Punk music, here's an excerpt.

"After doing their 'Homework' the pair allegedly made the 'Discovery' that the earth was flat at the beginning of last year.

Initial reports suggest they aren't worried about what impact the revelation that they are flat earthers will have on their 'Legacy', as regardless of their scientific stance they still believe we're all only 'Human After All'."

An oil rig is going to block Ibiza's iconic sunset

MixMag reported that Spanish contractor Tonto Perforacion - translation 'Silly Drilling' - was set to start drilling for oil off the shore of Ibiza's San Antonio Bay.

'Venues like Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo that invite DJs to soundtrack the sunset draw hundreds of revellers every night' the article reads.

'The mammoth €800 million oil rig that will begin drilling this spring is so big in scale that it will block the viewing of Ibiza’s legendary sunset from all vantage points'.

“Ibiza cannot rely on the popularity of nightclubs alone,” said D.U.N.C.E chairman Davide Cretino. “Who knows how long the tech-house money will last? Our future is in peril. We’re already losing millions because people are going to Croatia where I’m told bottles of water cost just €2. It’s insanity.”

Skrillex the human mosquito repellent

The BBC went pretty left field for their April Fools' gag, publishing an article that said 'acording to a recent scientific study, the way to avoid mosquito bites is to listen to electronic music - specifically dubstep, specifically by US artist Skrillex.'

'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, a track by Skrillex which features on his Grammy-award winning album of the same name, was chosen because of its mix of very high and very low frequencies.

"In insects, low-frequency vibrations facilitate sexual interactions, whereas noise disrupts the perception of signals from conspecifics [members of the same species] and hosts," the scientists said.

Science! Unfortunately, as it was all a joke, this probably won't work.