Dillon Francis teases new track in Coachella wrap vid

music news 25/04/2019

New Dillon Francis is on the way soon!

The DJ/producer is coming off two weekends at Coachella and teased a new track in a wrap video posted on social media.

"Here’s both weekends of @coachella condensed into 1min set to a new song of mine that’s gonna be on “This Mixtape Is Fire 2,” Francis wrote on Instagram.

Francis also gave a rough estimate for the arrival of the project - a follow up to 2015's This Mixtape Is Fire.

"...when will it be coming out you ask?, he added. "Probably sometime in May or June depending on when i finish all the other songs anyways i love y’all thank you."

Keep an ear out and listen to the snippet of the new track in the Instagram video below!