You can learn music production from the guy who taught Martin Garrix

music news 12/04/2019

There are countless options out there for all you aspiring producers to learn the trade - from online courses to full-on academies, tutorials to the classic Youtube. But is there any better teacher than the man behind the world's number 1 DJ?

Martin Garrix, who has held the World's No. 1 DJ title for 3 years running, was taught how to produce music by a man called Mark Otten - and Otten is now set to teach classes in music production at STMPD Studios in Amsterdam.

As well as coaching Garrix, Otten has worked with Julian Jordan, Firebeatz, De Sluwe Vos, We Are Loud, Maduk, Pythius and more. He has his own thoughts about the current generation of producers, referring to them as "rule collectors".

"Most of them seem to have a strategy of gathering enough rules for music production in order to obtain great tracks. I however believe this strategy only works to a certain extent, it doesn’t always get you to the level you want and has a tendency of removing spontaneity and personal creativity," Otten explains.

A two-hour introductory session with Otten will set you back €250 if you're under 21, or €300 for those 21+ ($418 or $502 NZD respectively). 

You can also get 10 hours of one-on-one coaching over five sessions from Otten for €1,250 and €1,500, for under 21 and 21+ respectively ($2092 or $2511 NZD). 

If you want more info, you can check it out here. Might be worth having a look if you've got a euro trip coming up any time soon.