'Gangstas Paradise' streams skyrocket thanks to Sonic The Hedgehog trailer

music news 09/05/2019

The decision to include Coolio track 'Gangsta's Paradise' in the trailer for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog film has given the 24-year-old song an unlikely second wind.

Despite being criticised by fans for being 'inappropriate' for the film and the trailer receiving, streams for the 1995 classic - originally featured in the film 'Dangerous Minds' - have spiked since the trailer’s release last week, with 11 million on-demand streams according to Billboard.

Billboard report that the song has seen a 237 per cent increase from the week before the trailer was released, and daily YouTube views for the music video topped 712,000 last week, charting as one of YouTube's top songs in seven countries including the UK, Canada, Australia, and of course, New Zealand.

The extra attention to the track has also caused a 90 per cent increase for YouTube views of Weird Al Yankovic’s parody ‘Amish Paradise.’ Streams are also up 31 per cent.

The film is set for release in November this year. Check the trailer out up top if you haven't already!