Jauz officially releases 'Baby Shark' remix this weekend

music news 31/05/2019

When Jauz finally released his much anticipated 'Baby Shark' remix at Coachella, we kinda thought that would be the last we'd hear of it.

Boy were we wrong - the remix is getting an official release this Saturday, as announced via Jauz's Twitter. 

We all know the song (although we wish we didn't), which was released originally back in 2015 by Pinkfong and went insanely viral last year. 

Following the virality, Jauz fans wanted him to do a remix of 'Baby Shark' because of his shark branding. And so it happened, after fans went nuts retweeting the DJ 27,000 times to get it rolling. 

And so whether we wanted it or not, here we have it. The official remix. It'll be out on all platforms this Saturday for your listening pleasure.