WATCH: Fisher places the most punishing McDonald's order of all time

funny shit 28/05/2019

All the man wanted was a McFLUFFAAAY...

Aussie legend Fisher is a bit of a menace on social media, and his latest post takes place at one of the best places on earth.. a McDonald's drive thru.

Watch below as the 'Losing It' hitmaker goes back and forth with McDonald's staff trying to get his hands on a 'McFluffaaaay.'

After about a minute and a half he finally concedes that he's after a McFlurry.

Commenters have run rampant asking for Fisher to use the clip as a sample and asking for footage of him finally reaching the window to receiver his order.

Other fans warned him not to eat whatever they ordered because the staff most likely spat on if after that effort.

Aussie surfer Taj Amos perhaps summed it up best:

You annoying prick 😂