You can legally buy and smoke weed at Northern Nights Music Fest this year

festival 03/05/2019

It's completely legal to buy and smoke weed at Northern Nights Music Festival, a three-day camping festival in California, this year. Not that people wouldn't anyway we're sure, but nice to know noone will be getting in trouble for it.

Weed can be smoked recreationally in the Northern Nights Tree Lounge for anyone over 21. There will be 8-10 cannabis vendors to buy from, including the farmers, guaranteeing some very educational convos to be had. 

"We are going to have a cannabis retail and consumption area that goes by the name of the Tree Lounge. It is a 21 and over area and cannabis sales and consumption are restricted to that area. Essentially it is an onsite temporary dispensary. It has all the same rules you would have at a dispensary, it’s just inside a festival." says Northern Nights co-founder and compliance manager Peter Huson.

"California law does not allow for the recreational consumption of alcohol and cannabis in the same area, so Northern Nights has taken advantage of the fact that it resides in two counties. Cannabis consumption will be allowed on the Humboldt County side of the event, while alcohol consumption will be allowed on the Mendocino side without cannabis," explained Billboard. 

Northern Nights is a 3-day celebration of music, art, food and local culture - think Splore vibes on a bigger scale. Sounds like the perfect place to blaze up tbh.