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Drummer confirms Fleetwood Mac did enough cocaine to make a line 11km long

music news 18/06/2019

Fleetwood Mac have seen a bit of a revival on George FM lately thanks to remixes of frontwoman Stevie Nicks' classics 'Edge Of Seventeen' and 'Dreams', and thanks to band co-founder Mick Fleetwood a popular legend about the band's drug use has seen a revival as well.

Turns out Fleetwood Mac used to get higher than their chart position in the '70s, with a former sound engineer suggesting the five band members did so much coacine that if you put it all together and made one massive line it would span just over 11 kilometres.

While that figure has been disputed and blown off as exaggeration, Fleetwood casually confirmed the story in a recent interview with The Sun.

"I guess we figured we did X amount a day, and then some goofball got out a calculator and came up with that seven miles figure and said, 'Isn't that funny?'" Fleetwood said. "And it sort of is. But not in the context of where I want to end up."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is today a changed man, and now at 71-years-old will have the odd glass of wine with no interest in the harder stuff that allegedly once fuelled the band.

"I think it naturally just drifted away," he said. "I speak for myself, although Stevie [Nicks] has been outspoken about some of the choices she made too."