Jillionaire has reportedly left Major Lazer

music news 04/06/2019

Major Lazer are ushering in “a new era” ahead of the release of their fourth and perhaps final album, and are set to have a bit of personnel change.

Longtime member Jillionaire has reportedly parted ways with Diplo and Walshy Fire in favour of solo work. He is set to be replaced by Ape Drums.

Jillionaire has been missing from promotional material in recent times, hinting at his possible departure, and was absent from the group's performance at the Governor's Ball in New York over the weekend with Ape Drums taking his place.

No official statement has been made by Major Lazer or any of its members, some form of announcement is expected soon.

Jillionaire - aka Christopher Leacock - has been a member of the group since 2011 when he and Walshy Fire were brought in to replace founding member Switch.