WATCH: Baitercell and Rei drop video for te reo anthem Te Pukumeke

music video 25/06/2019

Te Pukumeke is the second single release from three track full te reo Māori EP TOKA from Baitercell.

With deep bass and conscious lyrics in te reo Māori, Baitercell is an influential Kiwi electronic music act currently interweaving te reo into our music scope.

Pukumeke is a conjunction of puku and meke, meaning ‘final blow’ in the context of the song. As in, the final power, the power to bring change ultimately lies with us. 

'Te Pukumeke' is a waiata porotēhi, a protest song towards the dairy industry and other industries in NZ that are polluting our waterways and poisoning the land.

Catch the music video above, just in time for Matariki, the Māori New Year.