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Alison Wonderland came up with the idea for her latest collab while tripping

music news 08/08/2019

Whatever it takes to get that creative juice following we guess huh

Earlier this week both Alison Wonderland and Kiwi DJ/producer Quix confirmed that not only are they releasing new music this week, but are working on a collab together.

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Today, Wonderland shared on her Facebook and Twitter how she came up with the idea for the collab track, Time, while tripping. Lovely. 

We'll let her explain it.

Alison, a big lover of psychedelic mushrooms, wrote:

Tbh I came up with the idea of making a song that stretches time whilst i was tripping.

This has been one of my favorite & most fun songs to make. I hope it takes you all on a journey.

Have a watch of the preview of the track and see if you agree.