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Shaq performs at festivals 'for the sport of bass music', doesn't get paid

music news 13/08/2019

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal revealed just how passionate he is about music.

The big man has made plenty of festival appearances recently as both the world's largest punter and DJ, playing Tomorrowland and hosting his own mini-festival during Miami music week.

“So, people always ask me, why I’m doing it, not getting paid anything," O'Neal said. "I’m doing it for the sport of bass music."

"I love seeing people jumping up and down. It’s like a Game 7.”

He’s been DJing since 1988 but took a bit of a hiatus during his Hall of Fame basketball career. After he retired he was after another “adrenaline booster,” and visited Tomorrowland, reigniting his passion for dance music.

Check out the interview below.