Deadmau5 teases new album 'here's the drop'

music news 13/09/2019

We were treated to Deadmau5's orchestral compilation album 'where's the drop?' in March last year, with his last studio album being 'W:/2016ALBUM/' back in 2016.

Now the mau5 is ready to follow both up with 'here's the drop', which is set for release on October 4th. 

Deadmau5 has ony released a handful of tracks since 'where's the drop?', including the soundtrack for Netflix film 'Polar'. He also dropped 'Polyphobia', 'Glivch' and 'Are you not afraid' with SHOTTY HORROH on mau5ville: Level 3.

'here's the drop' doesn't have a tracklist yet, so we're not sure if it will follow 'where's the drop?' in a compilation album format, or be a full studio album. There have also been rumours it could be a remix album of 'where’s the drop?', with Tinlicker, No Mana, and Mr. Bill so far allegedly confirmed.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see on October 4th...