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LISTEN: Lindsay Lohan just dropped an EDM track about anxiety

music news 25/09/2019

Lindsay Lohan is back in the headlines after a bit of a hiatus, and this time she's entering the realm of electronic dance music.

She's just dropped a new track called 'XANAX' that samples 1998 Alice Deejay classic 'Better Off Alone' and it's available exclusively on IGTV.

"This video is a compilation of vignettes of life," the caption reads. "Family, love, the process of moving forward and letting go of the past. To live and be happy, free of fear. Just to be grateful and open our eyes to our opportunities instead of numbing the mind."

Rolling Stone wrote of the song, “There’s a cacophony of cheesy synths and finger snaps that battle against dark and muted lyrics about living in seclusion in a city of excess. Despite all of that, it’s hard to deny ‘Xanax.’ The dichotomy of Lohan chanting ‘I got social anxiety, but you’re like Xanax to me, yeah / Social anxiety, when you kiss me, I can’t breathe,’ against a four-on-the-floor is a full-on fever dream and in the spirit of complete transparency: Sometimes it do be like that.”

Is it a banger? Give it a listen below!