WATCH: Netflix tease five new horror flicks coming for Halloween

Netflix 17/09/2019

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's almost scary movie season.

If you're after a few scares this Halloween, Netflix has you covered.

The streaming service have recently teased a bunch of new films that are on the way towards the end of September and throughout October to satisfy all the horror fans out there.

You'll be too spooked to leave the couch so you might as well binge watch them all, right?

These films include: The Shadow of the Moon - September 27In the Tall Grass - October 4Fractured - October 11Eli - October 18 and Rattlesnake - October 25.

Along with the new films Netflix are also going to throw in a few classics.

Check out the trailer for the aptly named 'Netflix & Chills' up top!