Why musicians are randomly posting their names on Facebook

music news 22/10/2019

The past 24 hours has been a little strange if you've been on social media.

You might have noticed a bunch of musicians posting simple updates on Facebook and Twitter - usually just their name - and the posts draw a pretty significant amount of heat.

While most assumed the posts must have been accidental, but there's a method to the madness.

It all goes back to triple j product manager Max Quinn, who discovered a bit of a workaround to combat Facebook's algorithm and get his music and message out there.

He decided to post his own name on Facebook, which then - for whatever reason - out-performed almost all of his other posts. Then he hit Twitter to let everyone know.

“People are always asking me how to generate brand engagement on social media without resorting to paid promotions and clickbait,” he wrote.

“To these people I always say: post about Max Quinn as much as you can, it always works. I encourage you to try this for yourself.”

And the rest is history!

We decided to give the simple - but effective - method a go, and sure enough the post went okay!

So if you see some more posts like this in the future - now you know why! If you're keen to give Max Quinn - the man who broke the system - a listen, his latest release is embedded below.