New machine to allow at-home vinyl cutting

music news 15/10/2019

While the days of burning CDs appear over, it seems like vinyl will be around forever in some form, with the nostalgic sounds on wax seeing a bit of a revival in recent years.

Now, a new machine is set to make things a bit easier, allowing listeners to cut their own vinyl in minutes.

A team of European inventors are currently designing the Phonocut that will let users create custom 10-inch records. The new machine is on pace to become the first of its kind and will be priced at around US$1100 for all you musical connoisseurs.

The Phonocut team are currently in the midst of their first series of recording sessions, testing out the first fully functional prototype in Los Angeles.

The home vinyl recorder lets you create records in three easy steps. You place the blank record on the tray, connect to an audio input, and press start. The vinyls will cost about $10 each and reportedly store approximately 10-15 minutes of music per side.

“People love records, but they don’t know anything about how they are produced. We have to inspire them to think about it and raise their awareness for the possibilities of what they can do with it,” co-founder Florian “Doc” Kaps told Wired.

Phonocut will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter later this month, with plans to ship the first lot of units by the end of next year.