Daft Punk are reportedly back in the studio

music news 03/12/2019

2020 will mark seven years since we head heard new music from Daft Punk.

Though the French electric duo have worked on other projects, the drought of Daft Punk music is their longest.

But now, according to popular website 'Has it Leaked?', fans can have some hope to hold onto with reports that Daft Punk are back in the studio working on something.

Daft Punk appear on a list supplied by 'Has It Leaked?' that contains a bunch of artists and where they're currently at in the production process. Daft Punk head the “In the studio” section and is supported by “yeah, Has it Leaked has your back,” the only artist with an extra comment.

Of course nothing is confirmed, but the website has a pretty good track record, explaining that in the past they've nailed releases from the Gorillaz, Taylor Swift and Eminem in years previous.

Here's hoping we get some new Daft Punk in the near future!